PayPal has grown in popularity since its conception in 1998. It is now the most used online payment system. More and more businesses and individuals are beginning to utilize PayPal. It’s easy to use and they offer a variety of features. It offers low fees and recipients can often receive their money instantly. The low wait time, as well as the low fees, is one of the reasons this online payment system is so amazing.


Individuals or business can create a PayPal and link their bank account to it. This way, it is safer and quicker in making transactions with their customers. As well, customers can find it’s easier to pay for goods and services through PayPal. PayPal has even set it up so that customers don’t have to have one, but rather they can use their card and pay as a guest through them.

More recently, PayPal has incorporated a variety of gift cards for their customers to purchase. They are hassle-free, fun gift ideas for the family and your friends. They also have PayPal gift cards as well which allow you to put your cash into your PayPal.

Customers with a PayPal account have the option of buying gift cards. PayPal offers a variety of retailers and has the following categories to choose from:

1. Gaming and Entertainment

· Game Stop

· Guitar Center

· Spotify

· iTunes

2. Dining and Food

· Ghiradelli

· Dave and Busters

· Ihop

· California Pizza Kitchen

3. Sports and Outdoor

· 1800PetSupplies

· Sports Authority

· Golfsmith

· Cabela’s

4. Home, Office and Gift

· Groupon



· OfficeMax

5. Fashion and Accessories

· Forever 21

· Hot Topic

· Aeropostale

· The · Banana Republic

6. Travel and Leisure

· American Airlines

· Southwest Airlines


· Hyatt

The list goes on. Customers can purchase a digital gift card with funds from their PayPal account. It can be sent to anyone, anywhere and it doesn’t take that long. The digital gift cards can be used as soon as the recipient gets them.

Customers can also buy PayPal gift cards in order to put money into their PayPal account.

Let’s say you are a freelancer and often get paid in cash. Those earnings are for your business only and you don’t want to keep them in your personal account. You would prefer to put them right in your business account. Instead of going to the bank and transferring the money to your PayPal account, you can buy a PayPal gift card instead.

This option is for anyone looking to put cash into their PayPal and avoid going through the bank.

You can load up to $500 and the funds do not expire. You can redeem the cash later and all you have to do is very your identity and you are good to go. There are limitations, though. You cannot load more than $500 per day or $4,000 per month.

Overall, buying gift cards through PayPal is useful. They make a perfect gift for friends and family. PayPal makes them easy to get and easy to use. The PayPal gift cards are a great option for those looking to load cash into their PayPal account.